Welcome to Bitterfeld-Wolfen!
Zoom through your city!


You can find our ZOOM scooters everywhere in Bitterfeld-Wolfen. On the map in the ZOOM app you can see our business area and all scooters in your area, which you can reserve immediately.

1. ZOOM App download

The ZOOM SHARING app is your personal key for the entire fleet of our ZOOM scooters. You can register quickly and conveniently in the ZOOM SHARING app.

2. Control driver`s license

For our ZOOM scooters, the scooter license (class AM) is sufficient. Simply send a photo of your driver's license via the app so that we can check it.

3. Let´s go

After a short check, we unlock your ZOOM SHARING app and you can get started right away. In the next section we will show you how easy it is to start the ZOOM Schwalbe.

That's how you start your Schwalbe

1. Open top case


After you activate your scooter in the app, you can open the top case with the red button. There you will find the two helmets for your drive.


2. Start the scooter


When you press the start/stop button, the scooter becomes operational. The power switch on the right side of the handle must be "On".


3. Get off the stand


Stand with both legs on the ground over the scooter and press forward on the handlebars until the stand folds in.


4. Drive


If you pull the brake on the left handle and press the "Down" button at the same time, the motor gets activated and the scooter will drive when you move the throttle.


5. Driving modes


The "Up" and "Down" buttons switch between driving modes. With “Go”, “Cruise”, and “Boost”, you can choose between efficiency or maximum acceleration. “Crawl” is for slow forwards and backwards.


Ending the trip

1.Turn off the scooter


You can end the rental anywhere in the ZOOM area. Please make sure that you park the scooter only in the public parking spaces and that no other road users or pedestrians are obstructed when parking.


2. Get on the stand


Turn off the red power switch on the right handle. Stand on the left side of the scooter, hold the handlebar and the side grip and use the leverage force by pressing strongly with your foot on the main stand.


3. Lock


Now you can press the "Start/Stop" button to turn off the scooter. Open the top case and store the helmet. Make sure that the top case is closed again.


4. End the rental


Now you can end the rental in the ZOOM SHARING app.


Electrifying and dynamic on the way with Stadtwerke Bitterfeld-Wolfen

Photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, e-mobility or classical-efficient! Stadtwerke Bitterfeld-Wolfen is always concerned with finding the best solutions for customers and the climate. The E-Schwalbe fleet of the Stadtwerke offers all citizens flexible, climate-friendly and inexpensive mobility and of course lots of driving fun.



The ZOOM territory

You can find our ZOOM scooters everywhere in Bitterfeld-Wolfen. On the map in the ZOOM app you can see our business area and all scooters near you, which you can reserve immediately.

With Zoom through Bitterfeld-Wolfen

Whether you're going to work, to the gym or just hang out with some friends. With ZOOM SHARING you can reach almost every destination in the city. Driving outside the business area is of course allowed and you can park the ZOOM Schwalbe at any time during the rental. However, you can only end the rental in the business area. Before driving, please check if your destination is within the business area. If you are driving outside of the business area please make sure you have enough battery power to drive back. Calculate about 1% battery charge for 1 km.




Just get up and go: With ZOOM SHARING you drive at a reasonable price of 24 ct/min.



With the ZOOM Schwalbe you can travel from the Woliday leisure pool to the Jahn Stadion or from the city harbor to the Bitterfelder Bogen for 1.50 euros. For less than 2 euros you can get from the Pegelturm to the football field in the Grünen Lunge.


Start-up credits


Free minutes

For registration with ZOOM SHARING we charge a one-time fee of 10 €. For this, you get 30 free minutes credit at the start and can start your first trip immediately. After that you can drive from a cheap 0,24 € for the driving minute, without hidden extra costs or additional fees.


Service costs

  • Journey due customer's fault: 50 €
  • Cleaning/repair in case of violation of rental conditions: min. 50 €
  • Re-parking of illegally parked vehicles: 50 €
  • Helmet loss: 80 €
  • Dunning charges: 15 €
  • Direct debit return: 15 €
  • Processing traffic violations: 15 €
  • Expense fee for not ended rentals: 15 €
  • Unauthorized use of scooters: 500 €

Sharing is caring

Share and secure credits

Don’t your friends know ZOOM SHARING yet? Then just send them a promotion code with the ZOOM app and invite them. If you share your enthusiasm, we will of course be happy. That's why we give you € 5 as a gift when you recruit a new ZOOM SHARING customer among your friends or relatives.