Everything you need to know


What do I need for the registration?
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You need a scooter license (min. Class AM).    
  • You need an internet-enabled smartphone and the ZOOM SHARING app (for free download from the Google Play Store or App Store).
  • A valid credit card


How do I verify my driver's license?
  • The verification of your driver's license is carried out within the app in the registration process.
  • The verification process is completed in three steps. You need to take a photo of the front and back of your driver's license as well as a photo of you holding the driver's license.
  • We will then review your submitted photos and activate you for the use of the e-scooters. The activation may take a few minutes. In this respect, we ask you to be patient if it takes a little longer.
  • If you have problems in registering or renting, contact customer service.
  • You can find everything about data protection in our T&C.


Can I also verify myself with a non-EU driving licence for ZOOM SHARING?
  • Yes, you can. Select the country where your driver's license was issued before you start the verification process.
Can verification also be performed offline?
  • Currently, verification can only be performed via the ZOOM SHARING app.


What is my login name for the ZOOM app?
  • The email address you selected to sign in also serves as your login name.
What do I do if I forget my password?
  • Under the "Login" section, you can reset your password via "Forgot password" if you forget it.

Promotion Codes

How can I use a promotion code?
  • If you are one of the lucky ones who could get a promotion code before registering, you have the option to use it during the registration process. You can enter it under the item "Promotion Code".

ZOOM app

For which operating systems is the ZOOM SHARING app available?
How do I login to the app?
  • In the app, you login with your email address and password.


When is the ignition of the e-scooter active?
  • The ignition of the e-scooter is activated as soon as you push the start/stop button.
  • Another feature is the activation of the display and the light.


What are the driving modes of the e-scooter?

The Schwalbe has 4 different driving modes.

  • Crawl ↑Forward
  • Crawl ↓Backwards
  • Go
  • Cruise
  • Boost

You can change the driving modes via the "Up"and "Down"buttons on the left side of the handlebar. The different driving modes change the acceleration of the e-scooter. You can use the "Crawl" mode to park in and out, as the maximum speed is limited to four km/h.


How does charging the batteries function?
  • The charging of the batteries is completely done by us.

  • As soon as the vehicle reaches a battery level of 15 percent, it disappears from the ZOOM SHARING app.

  • After the battery change has taken place,you willfind the e-scooter again in the ZOOM SHARING app.


What is the range of the e-scooters?
  • Basically, it can be said that 1% of the battery is sufficient for 1 kilometer.

  • The choice of driving mode, the number of people or additional weight can affect the range of the e-scooters.

  • The remaining range is always indicated in the display.


Rent & Trips

What about hygiene & coronavirus?
  • In order to reduce the risk of infection with the coronavirus, we refer to the existing hygiene rules of the Federal Ministry of Health (https://www.bundesgesundheitsministerium.de/coronavirus.html) : good hand hygiene, cough and sneeze etiquette as well as social distancing.
  • If possible, wear gloves when using the e-scooter and use disinfectant before starting your journey
  • In addition, we do everything we can to keep the trips with our scooters as safe as possible. All touch points of our scooters (handles, buttons, helmet box, etc.) are disinfected with each battery replacement.
What do I have to bring for a ride?
  • All you need is your scooter license (Class AM). You will find two helmets in two sizes (large and small) in the helmet box of the e-scooter. For hygiene reasons, hygiene hoods are available for use in the helmet box.
How do I reserve an e-scooter?
  • You can reserve the e-scooter for 15 minutes by clicking on an e-scooter near you and pressing "RESERVE" in the detail view.
How do I start rental?

1.    In the ZOOM SHARING app, select a scooter near you.
2.    In the details view, click on "RESERVE" and the selected scooter is then reserved for you for 15 minutes free of charge.
3.    Click "START RENT" to start the rental. After a short moment the helmet box opens.

Where can I go with the e-scooter?
  • Basically, the scooter is allowed to go anywhere.

  • However, the rent can only start and end within the business area.

  • Please note: If the vehicle remains outside the business area for more than 8 hours, we will charge min. 50 Euros for the return costs.


Where can I see the business area?
  • You can view the business area on the homepage on the respective page of your city or via the ZOOM SHARING app.
How do I end rental?

Before you can end your rental via the ZOOM SHARING app, the following criteria must be met:

1. Park the vehicle within the business area.
2. Place the scooter on the main stand and put both helmets back into the helmet box.
3. Push the helmet box firmly shut and turn the handlebars completely to the left so that the steering wheel lock engages.
4. Switch off the scooter using the start-stop button.
5. Click on "END RENT" in the ZOOM SHARING app.
6. The rental is finished as soon as the helmet box has locked and you will receive a corresponding message in the ZOOM SHARING app.




Where can I park the e-scooters?

Our sharing service is not exempt from but subject to the StVO. In the best case, you will end your trip in a designated motorcycle or scooter parking or a public and free parking lot within the business area.
Please make sure that the e-scooters are always parked in the direction of travel, not across the direction of travel or movement, so that no other road user is obstructed. Parked scooters/e-scooters are usually tolerated if they are parked on the pavement, provided they do not hinder public traffic, i.e. pedestrians, bicycles or cars. The decision on this is taken by the Public Order Office of your city.
If you still receive a parking ticket because, for example, the e-scooter was not clearly recognizable as an electric vehicle (it does not have an electric license plate), you can object to the parking ticket within ten days. Here you can also contact the Public Order Office of your city. The contact details can be found on the parking ticket.


Costs and billing

How much does it cost to register for ZOOM SHARING?
  • Registration costs 10 €.

  • With the registration you get 30 free minutes for your first trips.


How much do I pay for the use of the e-scooters?
  • The use of the e-scooters costs you 0.24 €/min.
Does the service cost me anything if I don't use the e-scooters?
  • No. Apart from the registration fee, there are no costs, as long as you do not use the e-scooters.
How is the billing processed?

•    If the invoice amount exceeds €15, we will promptly debit the relevant amount from your account. For invoice amounts below 15€ we will deduct the amount due after 2-3 weeks at the latest.

How can I change my credit card information?
  • You can change your credit card information at any time in the ZOOM SHARING app under "MY PROFILE" -> "PAYMENT INFORMATION". The changes made should be visible immediately after they are entered under "PAYMENT INFORMATION".
Do I have the opportunity to view my trips and costs?
  • At any time you have the possibility to view  the completed trips and the costs of those trips.
  • To do this, simply "click on the item MY RENTALS"in the menu. Here you will find a list of all your previous trips.
I have problems with renting or ending a rental. What to do?
  • Please contact us via our email adress info@zoom-sahring.de. We are happy to help you here.

Damage and insurance

How am I insured with ZOOM?
  • You are insured with ZOOM SHARING through a liability and partial collision damage insurance. The amount for the deductible is €350.
I have detected damage on a scooter. What to do?
  • Please contact our hotline (0711/ 66450222). You can reach the hotline via the ZOOM SHARING app by clicking on the question mark icon in the upper right corner of the display.
What to do in the event of an accident?

1.    The first priority is you! Call for medical help immediately if you are injured.
2.    If this is an insurance-related damage or an urgent case, we ask you to call the police immediately. Then we ask you to contact our hotline (0711/ 66450222).
3.    In order to protect yourself from injustice in this situation, you should take pictures of the damage. Don't forget to end the rental before you leave the e-scooter.
4.    The damage is then checked by our workshop. If the deductible is due, we will send you a cost estimate for the repair.