The sharing model for your city


You would also like to have an e-scooter sharing for your city, community, municipality or company, but don't really know what to look out for? Then benefit from ZOOM partner sharing! Thanks to our own sharing model in Stuttgart with a fleet of 200 vehicles, we have gathered the necessary expertise from GOVECS Sharing. With the ZOOM Partner-Sharing, we pass on this know-how to you and take care of everything you need – and that already starts with 20 vehicles!


 Benefits of your ZOOM fleet


Flexible free-floating without fixed stations with individual distribution area and control of scooter locations.




From 2021, two GOVECS electric scooters will be available for selection, which can be assembled for your own fleet: E-Schwalbe and GOVECS FLEX 2.0. Other models are already under development.



Vehicle mix and number are selected according to individual requirements. ZOOM sharing is possible from 20 vehicles. The fleet can be flexibly expandable at any time – without additional setup costs for the operator.



E-scooter with high recognition value. The branding of the vehicles takes place according to individual agreement – as you like it.



Climate neutral
Noise & emission-free mobility. On request, all GOVECS scooters of your sharing fleet are climate neutral: We compensate 100% for the emissions that occur during production and support climate protection projects that promote renewable energies.


Get excited about ZOOM Sharing - here you can find out everything about the service package and what options are available to offer ZOOM Sharing in your region as well. Together, we will find the best solution for your individual fleet size and offer many other benefits in addition to training, an annual inspection of the fleet and the ZOOM app for your customers.



And ZOOM makes it


We build ZOOM Sharing at your location and take over the complete setup.

  • Integration of your location into our software
  • Inclusion in our service hotline
  • Delivering our expertise
  • Introduction to all necessary processes
  • Use of our brand

In addition, we can offer you various training courses and take on further operational responsibilities for you according to your needs.



We are happy to support you with your own ZOOM Sharing fleet.


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